“Earn as You Throw”: How Axibio Connected the Circular Economy to the Cloud

Axibio, a waste management solutions company, wanted to obtain data on how their biowaste collectors were being used in residential neighborhoods. This data would then be fed into Axibio’s web portal, which could be accessed by households to quantify their biowaste disposals, and, by municipalities, which could use the data to reward citizens for their ecologically conscious behavior.  

Axibio’s IoT project signaled an important economic and cultural shift in waste disposal practices by replacing the antiquated “Pay as You Throw” model, where individuals are charged for the amount of garbage they generate to the “Earn as You Throw” model, where they can be rewarded for their ecologically conscious behavior.

This case study demonstrates how Axibio used Sierra Wireless Octave™, the all-in-one edge-to-cloud solution, to connect its waste collectors to the cloud, access machine data and leverage it to benefit the various participants in the circular economy. 

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