AirVantage® FOTA Edition: Free unlimited FOTA Upgrades

Keep your deployments optimized on the mobile network and updated with the latest security patches using AirVantage® FOTA edition. This free cloud-based service is available for the life of your deployments and makes it easy to update your module firmware over-the-air anytime.

It's never been easier to maintain deployments

  • New firmware automatically published inside the portal
  • Upgrade devices in groups or individually with only one click
  • Monitor and troubleshoot your upgrade campaigns in real time
  • Save airtime costs with delta-based updates
Download FOTA Datasheet
Over-the-Air Upgrades

Trouble-free upgrades in the field

  • Downloads are resumed and installation restarted automatically if an interruption occurs due to poor signal strength or loss of power
  • Upgrade operations for devices with one click
  • Determine timing of firmware upgrades to embedded applications based on application priorities; monitor upgrade status
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