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Flex Helps Companies Transform Ideas Into Intelligent Solutions that Ship Worldwide

by Flex
Flex designs and builds intelligent products for a connected world. We bridge the gap between market desire and fulfillment by delivering the innovation, velocity and cross-industry expertise needed to commercialize and scale your products in a connected world.

This is a period of transformation for many of our customers, as they face a future defined by rapid innovation, disruptive products, faster product cycles, and increasing regionalization and supply chain complexity. This is a period in which new businesses are rapidly spawned and financed, and established businesses must evolve quickly, or perish. 

This is where Flex comes in. We understand the technology of almost every industry, ranging from Healthcare and Automotive, to Industrial, Energy, Communications, Enterprise Computing and Consumer Electronics.

We offer access to a broad set of qualified core technologies and the visibility to apply innovations from one industry to another. This approach helps our customers increase their success rates while reducing research and development costs and risks. From smart cars to smart apparel, we bring it all together to make today’s intelligent products possible.

Flex has worked with Sierra Wireless for more than fourteen years to provide intelligent wireless M2M devices including 2G, 3G, and 4G embedded modules and gateways. Sierra Wireless is part of the Flex Collective Innovation Platform program created to leverage leading technology from Flex Design Centers across the globe so customers can easily incorporate Sierra modules into advanced Automotive or Connected Home products, including the AirPrime® AR7 embedded module. 

Developing smart products requires a smart approach. To meet this demand, we offer access to expertise and a set of core technologies that can be applied in endless combinations across industries. We can help you source or build new technologies—or modify an existing one—to improve a design or bring a product to market faster.

Traditionally, the auto industry has been a mechanically oriented business. However, “it’s quickly becoming more electronic,” says Kent Helfrich, vice president and chief technical officer for the automotive division of global design, engineering, and manufacturing at Flextronics. “So there are cameras, radars, adaptive cruise control, and lane departure warning—these are things that are already in the marketplace.”

Flex provides a range of innovative solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) looking to satisfy growing market demand for technology-enabled automobiles that are safer, more reliable, and always connected. We are at the forefront of intelligent mobility, helping shape industries and technologies like Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X). From advanced connectivity modules to smart cameras with integrated gesture recognition to configurable and scalable power controllers, Flex offers best-in-class solutions with best-in-class software and algorithms.

For smart homes, Flex subsidiary Wink, the company that connects you with all of the smart products in your home, is working to make it easier for normal people to use this new type of technology that is starting to become common in homes and cities around the world.

Flex at the Sierra Wireless Innovation Summit 
Flex is a Platinum Sponsor for this event and we’ll have people available at our Booth, and several speakers at the event. Join us to hear how Flex is turning the Internet of Things into the Intelligence of Things. Flex leaders will discuss “Connecting People, Vehicles, and the Home” and demonstrate Security, Voice Control Home Automation, and Home Automation Platform.