Communications has never been more important.

Our need to communicate – with one another, and with our infrastructure – has never been more acute. Being apart from our colleagues and our operations has highlighted the need for reliable, secure and flexible ways to keep the conversation going.

Being able to communicate “wirelessly” simplifies communications. No need for complex or costly installation of equipment. Set up a network anywhere, move it, change it – and be assured that communications are reliable and secure.

For 25 years, we’ve been helping customers implement solutions that keep them in touch with everything that matters. Our IoT solutions can help you keep your teams and your infrastructure connected.

We’re here to help you adapt in an ever-changing world.

How Businesses are Adapting to COVID-19

Revenue Growth - Icon

Developing New Products and Services

63% of organizations will work on new products and services to grow top line revenues

Investment - Icon

Investing in Technology

Nearly a third will look to technology-driven products and services

Second Wave - Icon

Planning for a Second Wave

Almost 60% worry about a rise in infections affecting employees returning to work

Remote work - Icon

Continuing Work From Home

54% plan to make remote work a permanent option for employees

Work Safety - Icon

Designing a Safe Work Environment

71% are confident that they can provide a safe working environment and 80% expect that they can meet customers’ safety expectations

Stay Connected to What Matters


Whether your employees are working from home or vehicle-based, you can ensure they’re connected. Broadband LTE routers ensure employees have the same experience remotely as they do in the office.

Outfitting employees with the right tools ensure they can take care of your customers.


With employees working remotely, you still need to ensure your premises are safe. Remote access control and surveillance can help you do that.


Deploying sensors throughout your operations allows you to monitor and manage activities remotely, reducing the need for truck rolls.

Sierra Wireless Solutions Provide Business Continuity

Network - Icon

Set up a network anywhere, anytime

Change - Icon

Make changes in response to new circumstances

Sensor - Icon

Add sensors to critical operations to enable remote monitoring

Industrial - Icon

Serve both fixed and mobile applications

Flexible Solutions for Unprecedented Times

Things are changing quickly and many organizations require communications solutions that are adaptable and reliable.

Check out how our routers and gateways are being used to solve a range of challenges:

  • Temporary test facilities
  • Surge capacity
  • Equipment/lab monitoring

  • Touchless POS/Take out
  • Delivery Services

  • First Responders
  • Operations

  • Distance learning
  • Bus Wi-Fi projects

  • Vehicle-based crews
  • Critical infrastructure

  • Critical infrastructure

Why Sierra Wireless?


With a rich 25-year history of innovation we have been first to market with many technology solutions for customers. Our solutions connect thousands of businesses to critical data and millions of people to information.


With over 150,000,000 devices shipped to over 130 countries, Sierra Wireless is the choice for market leaders across the automotive, mobile computing, metering, utilities, and security services industries. Our customers depend on us for world-class support.


As a trusted leader in building end to end solutions for the IoT, Sierra Wireless has more than 20 years of proven experience in managing remote and mobile devices across a wide range of industries where secure communication is a core requirement.


The choice of cloud-based or on-premise management platforms delivers flexibility, enabling remote monitoring of operations.

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Business Continuity Statement

Sierra Wireless is committed to delivering world class services and products that enable our partners and customers to thrive in the connected economy. We are working to ensure we continue to be your trusted partner throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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