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Due Diligence Against Forced Labor

Sierra Wireless has been acquired by Semtech creating a comprehensive IoT platform to enable the transformation to a smarter, more sustainable planet.
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Due Diligence Against Forced Labor

As our Modern Slavery Statement attests, Semtech (formerly Sierra Wireless) (the “Company”, “we”, or “us”) upholds human rights as described in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Company has established a Code of Business Conduct which affirms that all people are to be treated equally and with respect, and the Company adheres to the Responsible Business Alliance’s Sustainability Code of Conduct (the “RBA Code”) Management System which includes Ethics, Labor, Health and Safety, and Environmental requirements. As a low-risk fabless manufacturer, the company performs an internal audit on our adherence to the RBA Code annually. All RBA member organizations and their facilities are audited every two years in accordance with RBA’s independent Validated Audit Program (“VAP”) if they meet the criteria for a VAP.

The Company understands that while having the necessary policies and adhering to a social and environmental governance management system are essential to guiding our internal behavior and actions and communicating our sustainability expectations to our stakeholders, including suppliers, the Company has also developed a robust supply chain due diligence program to identify potential bad actors who may be using forced labor.

Due Diligence Strategy

Supplier Selection

As part of our supplier selection process, the Company has implemented a vetting process to choose suppliers who are not using forced labor in their supply chain and adhere to the RBA Code of Conduct specifically in relation to the Ethics, Labor and Health and Safety requirements.

Supplier Monitoring

As part of our supplier monitoring process, the Company rates suppliers against established criteria and conducts audits of key suppliers. The audit plan includes a review of the supplier’s adherence to the RBA Code of Conduct and their human rights’ due diligence campaigns.

Due Diligence Campaigns

We partner with Assent, whose team consists of subject-matter experts in social, environmental and supply chain compliance, to assist us with our due diligence efforts on forced labor and human rights.

Human Trafficking and Slavery Module

Using the Social Responsibility Alliance’s Slavery and Trafficking Risk Template (STRT) and the Assent portal, the Company campaigns to its suppliers to obtain their assurance based on the provided data that they are not using forced labor, either directly or indirectly, in their supply chain. The Company’s Sustainability team reaches out to those suppliers who do not respond within a reasonable timeframe. If a supplier’s response is unsatisfactory, the Company may take the necessary action to replace the supplier after conducting further due diligence.

Responsible Minerals Module

The Company is a member of the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) which developed the Responsible Minerals Assurance Process (RMAP) to offer companies and their suppliers an independent, third-party audit that determines which smelters and refiners can be verified as having systems in place to responsibly source minerals in line with global and state standards and laws. Using RMI’s Conflict Minerals Reporting Template, the Company conducts due diligence with its suppliers; if a supplier has a high-risk smelter in their supply chain, we expect them to eliminate it. If the supplier is unable to comply, the Company puts a plan in place to replace the supplier in due course.

Enhanced Supplier Screening Module

Assent developed an algorithm to conduct enhanced screening of the supply chain, including adverse media and denied parties. Assent collects and analyzes the data from a variety of third-party sources to enable Semtech to see deep into our supply chain. From this information, the Company conducts further direct due diligence with its suppliers

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