50,000 Miles of SaskEnergy Pipeline Monitored with AirLink® Gateways

SaskEnergy is a Crown-owned natural gas utility with a mandate to operate in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. The corporation serves more than 90 per cent of Saskatchewan through its 343,000 residential, farm, commercial and industrial customers in more than 500 communities.

Business Challenge

“Our SCADA system is the company’s cash register, monitoring the amount of gas brought in from producers,” said Dean Hickey, an engineering technologist in TransGas’ Pipeline & Facility Automation group. To ensure accurate daily measurement via real-time polling, TransGas relies heavily on cellular technology to implement monitoring solutions across 50,000 miles of pipeline.

Sierra Wireless AirLink Solution

TransGas uses the AirLink® enterprise grade one-to-many remote management tool, to resolve network issues, such as remotely implementing required resets for specific network devices. It also enables TransGas to schedule regular status checks on its equipment to check system health and proactively discover and report any tower communications issues.

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