IoT Modules & Solutions that Deliver Best-in Class Capabilities

Wireless IoT Modules and Solutions that Deliver Best-in-Class Capabilities

Icon - Speed Development Time

Simplify Integration

  • ✓ Eliminate certification delays
  • ✓ Simple edge & cloud API
  • ✓ Embedded SIM with optional Smart Connectivity services
  • ✓ Plug your device and play in the cloud

Icon - Design Knowledge

Extend Product Scalability

  • ✓ Global modules to deploy anywhere
  • ✓ Common Flexible Form Factor CF3®
  • Trusted partner with over 25 years of experience

Icon - Security

Reduce Security Risks

  • Secure credentials and edge-to-cloud security
  • Security experts driving standard and best practices
  • ✓ Transparent vulnerability and risks management

Available IoT Modules and Gateways

Broadband Edge Modules
High Bandwidth. High Performance. Low Latency.

EM and MC Series standards-based connectorized modules in Mini Card and M.2 form factors providing connectivity to the world’s fastest 5G and 4G networks.

Performance Edge Modules
Rich Set of Edge and Cloud APIs. Optional Edge Processing.

RC Series of embedded modules offers essential connectivity.

WP Series modules come with a Cortex-A processor running the Legato® application framework.

Performance Edge Gateways
Highly Programmable. Extensible. Small and Rugged.

FX30 is the industry’s smallest, most rugged, programmable IoT gateway that comes with the most advanced set of edge and cloud APIs, a secure embedded application framework and a tight integration to the cloud.

Thin Edge Modules
Low Power. Small Footprint. Deep Coverage.

HL78 Series of LPWA modules offer best-in-class power efficiency and coverage to ensure field longevity for your battery-powered and low power deployments.

Fully Certified. Industrial-Grade. Simple Interfaces.

BX and BC Series of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth hostless modules are fully certified with integrated antennas and software stacks.

Fully Integrated. Low Power Tracking. Untethered Dead Reckoning.

X Series of GNSS positioning modules are ultra-compact, fully integrated with optional low power tracking and untethered dead reckoning features.


All-in-One Edge-to-Cloud Solution

Icon - Octave

Securely Extract, Orchestrate and Act on your Data.

For connecting industrial assets, Octave™ is also available with selected modules and gateways to provide you an all-in-one solution to efficiently manage connected machines.

Edge-to-Cloud Solution