Wavecom Releases Open AT 2.0

Enhanced Development Tool Offers Greater Flexibility for Wireless Application Developers.
Issy-les-Moulineaux, France-April 23, 2003

Wavecom SA (Nasdaq: WVCM; Euronext Nouveau Marché: 7306) today announced the release of version 2.0 of its development tool MUSE Platform Open AT. Unique in the market, Open AT enables developers to embed applications directly onto Wavecom’s WISMO hardware platforms, thus eliminating the need for an external processor and associated memory, and reducing both development costs and time to market. The Open AT development tool is offered as an option in Wavecom’s four Development Labs for vertical markets: Mobile Computing, PDA, Automotive and M2M.

Based on customer feedback to the company’s first generation product, already used by over 30 of Wavecom’s machine-to-machine (M2M) customers, Wavecom has created an Application Development Layer (ADL) to automatically manage SIM and network events and asynchronous GPRS data flow by means of a powerful call-back architecture. In addition, new Open AT 2.0 applications can be downloaded remotely even after product deployment. To assist this process, Open AT 2.0 offers GPRS class 10 functionality, which allows the sending and receiving of higher data rates that the usual GSM communications and reduces the cost of data transmission.

Open AT also allows the exchange of software building blocks through the MUSE Platform Developer Community, an on-line community of wireless application developers who use Open AT, hosted on Wavecom’s web site. Members of the community can offer their software blocks to other members, generating additional revenue streams for the seller and allowing other members to acquire Open AT-compatible software which helps them accelerate their own development projects. The MUSE Platform Developer Community has welcomed nine new partners during the last six months.

The MUSE Platform Developer Community also functions as a worldwide 'pool' of application development resources on which all Wavecom customers can draw. Among the software building blocks already available thanks to Open AT 2.0 are:

  • IP connectivity, through a protocol developed by Wavecom’s partner eDevice, providing IP services such as sockets, mail and FTP over GSM and GPRS Class 10.
  • IBM’s WebSphere MQ Integrator SCADA Device Protocol (MQIsdp) for M2M applications, a low-overhead protocol which allows data from any remote device with a serial interface to be transmitted to a WebSphere MQ Integrator message broker and sent in an enriched format to any number of corporate applications using a publish/subscribe messaging model.

Both will be available as Open AT 2.0 software libraries, enabling other application developers to include these functionalities without extra development time.

Fernando Llobregat, M2M Product Manager at Wavecom, commented, "Not only does Open AT 2.0 offer technological improvement for new Wavecom customers, it is also a positive evolution for current Open AT 1.0 customers. Already today, significant volumes of Open AT-enabled Wavecom products are delivered worldwide and are used in many different applications, including least-cost routing for PBX, power metering and telemetric systems, and remote control heating systems via SMS. Personal Digital Assistant designers can use Open AT’s GPRS Class 10 capabilities to enhance data transfer and control a second screen while the main micro-processor is in idle mode, or let the WISMO periodically check mail and only wake up the main micro-processor when there is new mail – both of which significantly enhance battery life time. MUSE Platform and Open AT 2.0 allow customers in any vertical market segment to bring innovative applications to market quickly and easily, and therefore maintain their competitive edge."

Open AT 2.0 is available from Wavecom now.