HL7845 LPWA Module for the Smart Energy Market in Europe

The most power efficient and secure LTE-M and NB-IoT module that supports the LTE 450MHz bands for IoT smart metering applications.

HL78 module

HL7845 supports 3GPP’s Release 14 features to enable faster data speeds and further reduce the power consumption of your solutions. The module also supports both private and public mobile operator bands for flexibility and maximum coverage between the private and public networks. To ease development and reduce certification time for your battery-powered utility smart meters, the HL7845 comes pre-certified with RED and GCF approvals.

When it comes to building critical infrastructure such as smart grids and meters, you want to work with a trusted partner like Semtech (formerly Sierra Wireless) with over 25 years of success and experience in working with top smart meter manufacturers. We are part of the 450MHz Alliance and are highly involved to help build the future in the energy market.

Icons-Smart Meter
LTE 450MHz Bands

Enable utilities to manage their own secure private network to provide wider and deeper coverage

Deep Building Penetration

Improve indoor and underground coverage with class 2 (26 dBm) transmission power

Best-in-class power efficiency

Reduce operational and device maintenance cost of battery powered smart water and gas meters

End-to-End Security

Minimize the security risk of your solution with modules that have the highest level of security designed in

Common Form Factor

Compact CF3® design to migrate between technologies, expand globally, and future-proof product platforms

FOTA Upgrades

FREE firmware over-the-air (FOTA) upgrades future-proof deployments and keep them secure

Location Services

Integrated GNSS receiver enables tracking and location-based services

TCP/IP Stack

Embedded stack to easily communicate over the internet

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Sierra Wireless is now Semtech