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Semtech can help you keep your business running with reliable and secure connectivity.

Keep Your Business Operating Smoothly

When businesses are operating as usual, they still have to contend with unexpected network and connectivity outages that can amount to thousands of dollars in lost productivity, lost sales, and decreased customer satisfaction. In these unprecedented times, always-on connectivity may be more critical to businesses than ever before.


Critical Worker Backup

  • Essential workers require always-on, secure connectivity to do their job without disruption – and residential-grade connectivity only may not be fast nor reliable enough.
  • Cellular back-up connectivity, or even cellular primary access, is required to make sure they always have access to critical systems and information.


Critical Infrastructure Management

  • Essential workers who manage critical infrastructure may not have timely access to monitoring stations.
  • They require access to sensitive and timely information.
  • Security is of paramount concern.


Out-of-Band Management

  • IT administrators need to remotely troubleshoot and repair network equipment.
  • Personnel no longer need to be deployed for manually resets, dramatically reducing the number of field or site visits.


Working From Home

  • Business leaders and team members need to work from home securely and productively.
  • They require access to the Internet and perhaps secure access to their organization’s network.


Business Continuity for Public Safety

Emergency response is dependent on reliable communications. Ensuring first responders are always connected helps to keep them, and the communities they serve, accurately informed, and physically safe. Semtech is the industry leader in routers that create secure vehicle area networks in public safety vehicles.

Flexible Solutions for Unpredictable Situations

Things are changing quickly and many organizations require communications solutions that are adaptable and reliable. Check out how our routers and gateways are being used to solve a range of challenges:

Providing Connectivity to Students, Teachers and Support Staff

Monitoring and Maintaining Medical Equipment Remotely

Enabling Touchless Shopping Interactions

Establishing Temporary Medical Facilities

Installing Access Without the Need to Enter the Building

Managing and Deploying Vehicle Fleets and Connected Equipment


Your Routers

We have all you need to make sure you get the performance you require. We have AC adaptors and a portfolio of antennas(UPDATEHYPERLINK). Contact us to discuss the right router and antenna combination for you.

We Support Our Communities

For any community connectivity projects relating to the COVID-19 crisis, please contact us to discuss how we can help. We are in this together.


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