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Sierra Wireless can help you keep your business running with reliable and secure connectivity.

From April 1 to June 30, 2020, we are reducing the price of some of our top LTE routers and connectivity services.

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Keep Your Business Operating Smoothly

When businesses are operating as usual, they still have to contend with unexpected network and connectivity outages that can amount to thousands of dollars in lost productivity, lost sales, and decreased customer satisfaction. In these unprecedented times, always-on connectivity may be more critical to businesses than ever before.

For over 25 years Sierra Wireless has kept people securely connected with our industry-leading AirLink routers. You can count on us in these challenging times to help you keep workers safe and informed no matter where they are.

Sierra Wireless can help you stay connected with our limited-time router and service discounts.

Critical Worker Backup

  • Essential workers require always-on, secure connectivity to do their job without disruption – and residential-grade connectivity only may not be fast nor reliable enough.
  • Cellular back-up connectivity, or even cellular primary access, is required to make sure they always have access to critical systems and information.

Critical Infrastructure Management

  • Essential workers who manage critical infrastructure may not have timely access to monitoring stations.
  • They require access to sensitive and timely information.
  • Security is of paramount concern.

Out-of-Band Management

  • IT administrators need to remotely troubleshoot and repair network equipment.
  • Personnel no longer need to be deployed for manually resets, dramatically reducing the number of field or site visits.

Working From Home

  • Business leaders and team members need to work from home securely and productively.
  • They require access to the Internet and perhaps secure access to their organization’s network.

Business Continuity for Public Safety

Emergency response is dependent on reliable communications. Ensuring first responders are always connected helps to keep them, and the communities they serve, accurately informed, and physically safe. Sierra Wireless is the industry leader in routers that create secure vehicle area networks in public safety vehicles.

  • First Responders need to ensure critical connections are operating at peak efficiency and with low latency.
  • Police, fire, and emergency medical services require a secure connection from their vehicle to various types of equipment.

Flexible Solutions for Unpredictable Situations

Things are changing quickly and many organizations require communications solutions that are adaptable and reliable. Check out how our routers and gateways are being used to solve a range of challenges:

Providing Connectivity to Students, Teachers and Support Staff

Distance Learning Mobile Wi-Fi Buses

Establishing Temporary Medical Facilities

Patient Triage and Overflow

Monitoring and Maintaining Medical Equipment Remotely

Analysis Equipment Lab Monitoring

Installing Access Without the Need to Enter the Building

Zero Access Installation

Enabling Touchless Shopping Interactions

Home Delivery Touchless Point of Sale

Managing and Deploying Vehicle Fleets and Connected Equipment

Utility Truck Vehicle Area Networks First Responder Vehicle Area Networks

Making It Easier to Get and Stay Connected

Sierra Wireless wants to help you and your team connect as quickly and as affordably as possible wherever they are.

From April 1 to June 30, 2020, we are reducing the price of some of our top LTE routers:

For North America


$50 instant rebate - One of our most secure, flexible and easy-to-deploy devices. The ES450 comes out-of-the box with an AC adaptor, two blade antennas and carrier-ready firmware.


RV55 Pro*

$75 instant rebate - Our most compact and low power device. The RV55 Pro is purpose-built for public safety and critical infrastructure uses – both fixed and mobile. The RV55 comes out-of-the box with a DC cable. AC adaptors and antennas are also available at an additional cost. The RV55 is also FirstNet certified.

For Europe, The Middle East and Africa


45€ instant rebate - one of enterprise-class devices, the LX60 is well-suited work-from-home environments. It is simple to install for in-building use and even protected outdoor environments.


RV55 Pro*

65€ instant rebate - our most compact and low power device. The RV55 Pro is purpose-built for public safety and critical infrastructure uses – both fixed and mobile. The RV55 comes out-of-the box with a DC cable. AC adaptors and antennas are also available at an additional cost. 

*These routers also come with one year of AirLink Complete to help you manage, monitor and maintain your devices. AirLink Complete combines our best-in-class device management tool and 24/7/365 access to our friendly and knowledgable technical support team to help you get up and running as efficiently as possible.

Connectivity-As-A-Service for as little as $24 per Month *

Whether you need primary connectivity for your remote team member or guaranteed cellular backup for your critical workers, Sierra Wireless can get and keep you connected. From April 1 to June 30, 2020, we are offering our Critical Worker Backup Service starting at $24 a month and our Primary Remote Worker Service for as low as $34 a month. Peace of mind has never been so reasonable!

Our Managed Connectivity Services include everything you need to get connected right out-of-the-box. Cellular connectivity delivered simply through f a single point of contact and combined with 24/7 technical support.

Managed Connectivity Services come with:


We send you the right LTE router for your situation as well as the antennas and an AC adaptor within five calendar days. You can choose to rent or purchase your router.


We offer a range of month-to-month data services. Our connectivity services leverage multiple US carriers, including Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T to ensure you have the network access and coverage available.


We provide friendly and knowledgeable support to set up and manage your device and connectivity. We will help to get you connected as quickly and easily as possible.

*These services are only available to businesses in the US. A valid tax ID is required.

Accessories for Your Routers

We have all you need to make sure you get the performance you require. We have AC adaptors and a portfolio of antennas. Contact us to discuss the right router and antenna combination for you.

Ensuring Your Data Stays Secure

Security is one of our biggest focuses at Sierra Wireless. We can help you to mitigate risk to your data and potential security vulnerabilities with adding unexpected or additional end-points. The current dynamic operating environments makes it harder to secure the network and to protect and secure communications. Without the proper security mechanisms in place, the enterprise network is at risk of being accessed by unauthorized users and various types of attacks.

Contact us to discuss the security options that we provide.

We Support Our Communities

For any community connectivity projects relating to the COVID-19 crisis, please contact Sierra Wireless to discuss how we can help. We are in this together.

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