New technologies for health information transfer enables patients and caregivers to connect with ease, ultimately improving the quality and efficiency of care. Wireless cellular technology ensures a highly reliable connection that enable new services in the following areas:

  • Medical: monitoring and management of equipment in medical care environments such as hospitals, doctor’s offices, or care-giving facility
  • Well-being: monitoring of chronic conditions away from the hospital or institutional environment
  • Sports-fitness: monitoring of sports equipment devices that provide real-time results to analyze and enhance athlete training

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Partner and customer stories

Philips Medical Systems

Mobile Medical Stations Rely on AirLink Gateways to Remotely Manage Medical Systems


PositiveID iglucose™, powered by Sierra Wireless AirPrime Embedded Modules, wins gold at Connected World Value Chain Awards 2012 for Home Health. 

Gem Ambulance

EMS Organization Improves Patient Transport with Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless advantage

For medical equipment manufacturers or healthcare service providers, Sierra Wireless provides wireless solutions that reduce development costs, simplify management, and deliver reliable, mission-critical performance.

Mission-critical reliability
Mission-critical applications can count on secure, reliable wireless connectivity with ruggedized products designed to exceed healthcare industry requirements, tested to military specifications, and proven in the field by emergency services and first responders.

The only technology partner you need for end-to-end applications
From ruggedized embedded modules, gateways and routers, software suites, and development tools to services platforms, Sierra Wireless is the only company that can offer all the technology components you need for building end-to-end healthcare applications.

Simplify integration and deployment
Get new services to new markets faster with open and proven technologies that allow rapid design and easy integration, with a services platform that enables fast deployment and cost-effective maintenance and support.

Credibility with wireless carriers worldwide
Leverage Sierra Wireless credibility and long-standing relationships with leading wireless carriers to facilitate network certification and connection.

Sierra Wireless solutions for Healthcare

AirPrime™ Embedded Wireless Modules: a broad range of cellular wireless modules that can be embedded into medical devices for equipment monitoring or two-way communications.

  • SL Series: programmable and scalable, with advanced features that decrease total system cost. A single form factor supports multiple air interfaces
  • Security Library for Open AT® OS: Ensure privacy and security for sensitive data and communication with encryption, jamming detection and redundant communication capabilities.

AirVantage™ M2M Cloud: A development suite, web portal and embedded agents accelerate time-to-market and reduce risk for healthcare M2M solutions. AirVantage Management Services eliminate recall campaigns with seamless over the air monitoring and upgrade of AirPrime or AirLink devices

Embedded SIM: designed to withstand harsh environments, Embedded SIM reduces installation costs, simplifies logistics, and reduces SIM theft security threats.

Professional services: Take advantage of our experience and expertise, from design to deployment. Be assured of network certification with our verification expertise and strong wireless operator relationships.