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How businesses can take advantage of the exponential growth and opportunities in the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is driving massive change in today’s global economy. From industrial environments to energy to retail to transportation, the IoT is poised to transform our lives—the way we interact with one another, with machines and with the world around us. IoT solutions can extract value, build new revenue streams and optimize operations, creating huge business opportunities. 

While we are still at the early stages of understanding what the IoT can do, it’s rapidly creating new value for businesses. By enabling better data analytics and management, the IoT provides customers with more knowledge to optimize operations, increase efficiencies and improve real-time decision-making —generating new services and ultimately driving additional revenues. 

IoT adoption is accelerating, with 43% of organizations planning on implementing an IoT deployment in 2016 (Gartner). But while IoT opportunities are available, many companies are holding back because they don’t know how to capitalize on and monetize them. Businesses are uncertain about how to execute an IoT deployment, as they may lack the expertise and the technology required to successfully deploy an IoT solution. 

Read this white paper to understand the landscape and considerations for taking advantage of the IoT opportunity.