The Industrial IoT for Air Compressors: A Simple Way to Overcome Technical Challenges

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The benefits of the Industrial IoT (IIoT) for air compressors are already evident – major air compressor manufacturers have made considerable investments in generating data from their compressors and leveraging it to offer new value to customers, reduce maintenance costs and bundle their machines with subscription services.  

But while the Industrial IoT sounds great in theory, the process of building an Industrial IoT application can still be very challenging. There are two key technical challenges: 

  1. Connecting the compressors from the edge to the cloud, or building the IoT architecture that can facilitate the flow of machine data from the edge to the cloud. Indeed, building an IIoT application brick-by-brick requires enormous investment and expertise in Operational Technology, Information Technology and Connectivity. 

  2. Difficulties in controlling how data is processed at the edge – in Industrial IoT implementations, the data processing logic is hardcoded at the deep edge. This makes it very difficult for developers to change the edge processing logic when the IIoT application needs to be updated in keeping with changing business requirements and service evolution needs.   

But now, a radical new approach has dramatically simplified the Industrial IoT, empowering developers to take control of their Industrial IoT application. Download this whitepaper to learn about how you can easily overcome some of the most common technical barriers to building and scaling an IIoT application for your industrial air compressors.

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