Electronic Monitoring for Pretrial Offenders

Law enforcement and corrections agencies across the country face a growing issue. As the number of offenders entering the judicial system increases, the costs associated with them put a strain on the entire system. By 2008, one in 100 adults was in prison or jail, and one in 45 was on probation or parole. Between 1979 and 2012, corrections spending nationwide rose by 324 percent to $71 billion, and the population of state and local corrections facilities surged more than four-fold to nearly 2.1 million.

As these numbers continue to grow, law enforcement agencies are looking for ways to monitor more offenders with limited resources. One of the best ways law enforcement can achieve significant time and cost savings is by using offender tracking technologies, also known as electronic monitoring (EM) tools, for tracking nonviolent, pretrial or repeat offenders without direct personal supervision or incarceration. Because EM systems require far fewer resources than physical detention, this technology frees up budget dollars for solving and preventing crimes.

In this whitepaper, learn more about how you can:
  • Lowering personnel costs
  • Increasing efficiencies in tracking multiple offenders
  • Reducing rate of recidivism for repeat offenders
  • Reducing crowding in jails and prison systems

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