Low Power Wide Area technology (LPWA) for IoT

LPWA is designed specifically for low-bandwidth, low-power IoT applications, and is poised to see huge growth over the next several years. But one question looms large: which LPWA technology will prevail? 

No less than seven different technologies are currently being discussed. Inevitably, some will fail. Others will ultimately serve niche markets with limited use cases. For IoT device manufacturers and solution developers, betting on the wrong technology could prove a very costly mistake. 

Webinar Highlights

  • The LPWA promise: Business opportunities and use cases
  • Standardization or diversity: What serves the IoT industry best?
  • Spectrum: Cost and availability of licensed versus noise and performance of unlicensed spectrum
  • Comparing LPWA technologies: Battery life and coverage, cost and scalability, commercial availability and time to market