Simplify & Scale Industrial IoT with Sierra Wireless Octave™ and Microsoft Azure IoT - Q&A Breakout

According to IoT Now, 75% of Industrial IoT (IIoT) projects fail at the pilot stage. The most persistent roadblock to IIoT success is “complexity”. This complexity manifests itself in a variety of areas: the lack of interoperability between Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT), the absence of specialized technology and expertise required to build an IIoT infrastructure, operational difficulties associated with managing relationships with multiple IoT vendors and working with multiple carriers across different parts of the world – these problems and a range of other challenges relating to device subscription, certification and management, have persistently derailed many IIoT projects.

Despite these challenges, there have been notable exceptions: by enlisting the help of experienced IoT partners and adopting the right set of technologies, some companies have succeeded in abstracting away the inherent complexity of IIoT transformation and narrow their focus to what matters most: the data about their business. What lessons can be learned from their IIoT journey?

Join Microsoft and Sierra Wireless experts as they explore the ground realities of IIoT implementations. Their unique perspectives, honed over years of experience in helping companies drive digital transformations, will offer rare insights into how industrial companies can simplify and scale their IIoT projects.

By pairing Sierra Wireless Octave™ with Microsoft Azure IoT, companies can accelerate their time to market while reducing project complexity and risk. Octave + Microsoft Azure IoT Central provide a complete edge-to-cloud solution to deploy intelligent and reliable industrial IoT device connectivity, allowing manufacturers to securely manage, extract, orchestrate, and act on all their asset data.

In this recording, Steve Liang (Alberta IoT & SensorUp) moderates a discussion with Remy Marcotorchino (Sierra Wireless) and TJ Walia (Microsoft Azure IoT – Canada) where they answer live questions from attendees around the joint partnership between Sierra Wireless and Microsoft.

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