How to Ensure ROI and Reduce Time to Market by 50% with IoT Connectivity 2.0

We have seen the benefits of IoT and many companies moving from lab projects to commercial deployments. But some companies are still reluctant to adopt IoT.

According to IDC the key barriers for pursuing IoT are: unclear ROI, Security and privacy issues. No one wants to invest in a project with risky financial return and long-term security risks.

Watch this webinar to learn how IoT Connectivity 2.0 enables companies to ensure ROI, the success of their IoT project and how to:

  • Capture your business opportunity and better predict ROI
  • Achieve long term scalability and flexibility by future proofing your design, managing the lifecycle of devices centrally and using the best financial model (Capex/ Opex)
  • Integrate security across the full IoT network to protect your assets from vandalism and protect the end points (with embedded SIM, Secure network, and redundant networks)
  • Develop a fully integrated IoT Connectivity solution (eSIM, cellular/LPWA networks, and integrated connectivity & device management protocols)
Eugenio Pasqua
Eugenio Pasqua
Principal Analyst, IoT Connectivity,
IoT Analytics
Staffan Eriksson
Staffan Eriksson
Head of Product Management,
Sierra Wireless

Watch the Webinar

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