5 Key Trends in Public Safety & the Technology Implications

Public safety agencies are undergoing a process of reinvention with the COVID-19 pandemic. First responders need the ability to send and receive mission-critical information securely and reliably in emergency situations. Connected first responder solutions, both inside and outside the vehicle, provide real-time monitoring to ensure their safety and that of the communities they serve.

LTE (Long-Term Evolution) transforms traditional first responder communications. With the digitization of communication and collaboration platforms, high-quality and reliable data transfers improve operational workflows, break down data silos, and allows cities and authorities to make informed real-time decisions about public safety.

Watch this webinar and discover 5 key trends shaping the future of first responders and the technology trends public safety agencies need to prepare for.

In this webinar, we explore:

  • The next generation of emergency response
  • The evolution of operational workflows with digitization
  • Mission-critical mobile-first applications
  • The interoperability of communication and collaboration technologies
  • The use of digital evidence and intelligence for prevention, detection, and investigation
Dan Robinson
Dan Robinson
Southeast Regional Sales Manager,
Sierra Wireless
Steven Teese, Senior Sales Manager, WatchGuard Video
Steve Teese
Senior Sales Manager,
WatchGuard Video

Watch the Webinar

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