Zazcar's Connected Car-Sharing Service Improves Health and Environmental Conditions

Business Challenge

Many São Paulo residents have found that car ownership can be cost prohibitive and impractical for light users. The cost of the car itself, as well as maintenance, gas, taxes, insurance, and parking fees, can combine to rule out the viability of a private vehicle. With rental car companies, taxis and other car-sharing services competing for mindshare, Zazcar’s goal is to provide the most convenient and cost-efficient system for urban residents to incorporate into their transportation mix. 

Sierra Wireless AirPrime Solution

Zazcar turned to partner Quadrar Technologies, a system design house focused on integrated solutions for machine-to-machine (M2M) devices, to help them design a more robust in-vehicle communications system. To start, Quadrar recommended that Zazcar replace their current connectivity modules with the more advanced Sierra Wireless AirPrime® HL Series embedded modules in order to achieve both modem and GPS functionality in a single unit.

From a global perspective, increased use in car-sharing services offer a great deal of environmental and health benefits.

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