Sierra Wireless® Embedded Modules Help Improve Uptime for XLink's E-Payment Terminals

XLink is the largest provider of wireless-enabled payment solutions in South Africa, with more than 30% market share. Through a secure managed service, XLink provides retail outlets with a plug-and-play solution linking credit card payment devices to the corresponding banks via cellular networks. Typical customers are big retail chains, fuel companies and service stations as well as travel and leisure companies.

Business Challenge

The business idea behind XLink was to provide a fast, cost-effective and reliable solution for connecting card payment devices to banks, based on cellular technologies able to meet the needs of the diverse and widespread points of presence within South Africa.

To compete effectively with the existing monopoly fixed-line service, however, it was vital for XLink to be able to monitor and proactively diagnose any problems with its terminals, in order to prevent outages and maintain customer satisfaction.

Sierra Wireless IoT Solution

XLink turned to Sierra Wireless, a leading provider of M2M communications products and solution. Using Sierra Wireless embedded modules for wireless connectivity, XLink built a series of solutions for connecting card payment terminals.

The Sierra Wireless SL Series of wireless modules provided XLink with highly reliable, smart and high-speed connectivity. The integration between hardware, software and services delivered by the modules helped XLink benefit from a simplified and accelerated path to the development of its payment applications, allowing it to launch to market rapidly.

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