Centralized Park Irrigation Systems Remotely Managed with AirLink® Gateways

A subsidiary of Western Australia’s Industrial Automation Group, Waterman Irrigation designs and develops modular irrigation systems. Waterman’s products have been tested and proven to suit local government automation needs and the commercial agricultural market.

Business Challenge

Western Australia’s arid conditions, worsened by extended periods of drought, dictate water usage restrictions and conservation. The average local government in Western Australia controls and maintains between 100 and 500 parks, all of which pump groundwater to irrigate park vegetation. To serve the needs of its government customers, Waterman Irrigation developed a wireless system that enables remote monitoring and control of all city park watering from a central location without the need for an inconvenient – and sometimes impossible – landline connection. This allows local governments to make instantaneous, universal changes to irrigation in all parks spread across their city boundaries without having to travel to each location.

Sierra Wireless AirLink Solution

The Waterman Irrigation System consists of the Waterman Controller and Waterman Central software package and is connected by the Sierra Wireless AirLink® gateway. The gateway’s reliable high-speed, broadband communications provides park administrators with the ability to detect environmental factors that might dictate changes to pre-set park irrigation functions. The administrator can then remotely apply universal adjustments to the irrigation controls across a network of city parks.

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