How Aquamonitrix® Uses Octave to Revolutionize Water Quality Monitoring

Aquamonitrix® is a ground-breaking water quality analyzer designed to provide accurate, real-time information on nitrate and nitrite levels in fresh and effluent water. Aquamonitrix is being brought to market by Aquamonitrix Ltd – a spinout backed by the resources of its parent company T.E. Laboratories (TelLab), which has a 30-year track record in laboratory analysis, chemical production, water and wastewater research and new product development.

Business Challenge

Aquamonitrix wanted to build a remote monitoring IoT application so it could provide real-time data on water quality to its users.

Sierra Wireless Octave™ Solution

Octave™ is the all-in one edge-to-cloud for connecting industrial assets to the cloud. In partnership with Linkwave Technologies, the use of Sierra Wireless Octave allows Aquamonitrix to revolutionize water quality monitoring.

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