IoT Enables Predictive Maintenance to Support Veolia's Premium Service Offering

Veolia supplies water treatment equipment and services into the Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Chemical Processing, Power, Research and Healthcare industries. All of these industries rely on purified water and waste water treatment to keep their businesses operating efficiently.

Business Challenge

Veolia wanted to further enhance their customer experience focused on delivering an even more  efficient service. Moving from preventative to predictive by using the IOT to predict when a technician would be needed. Developing reports, using their customers system data, to recommend new technologies for saving water or energy.

A Sierra Wireless IoT Solution

Veolia uses Sierra Wireless technology to drive the entire IoT process of collecting machine data and making it available to customers and service representatives. Sierra Wireless AirLink® LS300 gateways collect data from each water treatment system and automatically send it to the Sierra Wireless AirVantage IoT Platform, a cloud-based repository for machine data.

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