FASTrack GPS Fleet Tracking Helps PacWest Triple Revenues

Bellevue-based automotive services company, PacWest Dealer Services, sells its real-time GeoTrackerGPS system through auto dealerships in Washington State. Built on FASTrack™ Fleet, a managed IoT solution from Sierra Wireless, PacWest offers car buyers peace of mind and security, while helping PacWest triple revenues within four years.

Business Challenge

The Seattle area ranks among the highest in the nation for auto theft. So, when Guy Post founded PacWest to train finance and insurance managers in car dealerships, he knew that car buyers would want a service to locate, track, and protect their vehicle at all times.

“We’re a port city, and a border town, and it’s tough for law enforcement to keep up with auto theft here,” says Post. “Car buyers want theft prevention and quick recovery. But even more important, they want security for their vehicle and everybody in it. They know the technology is there for locating and protecting their teenage drivers, family members, friends, and caregivers anytime it’s necessary. But the products in the market were one-trick ponies limited to stolen vehicle recovery.” Worse yet, most products use an on-board diagnostics (OBD) plug-in. “It’s the first thing a car thief looks for,” says Post.

Sierra Wireless Asset Tracking Solution

The Asset Tracking Solution includes a configurable web-based application, a proven messaging transportation network and a choice of devices.

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