Lanner pre-certified modular LTE solutions help OEMs reduce certification costs

Lanner Electronics Inc. is a global leader in manufacturing and supplying advanced network appliances and rugged applied computing platforms. The company has over 900 employees worldwide at headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan and subsidiaries in the US, Canada, and China.

Business Challenge

OEMs that want to build solutions with certified LTE connectivity must integrate an LTE module inside their devices and then get the final device certified by PTCRB and the network operators. If the customer offers a range of products, each one must be certified separately for LTE communications. And gaining PTCRB and network operator certifications are costly and time consuming.

Sierra Wireless Solution

Lanner’s newly launched PGN-300 and PGN-600 with Sierra Wireless EM series modules, are pre-certified, modular LTE modem cards that have their own enclosures, and once plugged into a device, they don’t require LTE re-certification for the final device.

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