Mines Pay for Just What They Need With Remote Monitoring by AirLink® Gateways

Based in Perth, Australia, Industrial Automation (IA) provides customers in mining, manufacturing, utility, agriculture, irrigation, and shipping industries with innovative solutions to meet their automation and control needs.

Business Challenge

To alleviate the burden of daily fees for unused dewatering pipes, Industrial Automation was approached by one of its mining equipment customers to create a solution that would enable equipment usage tracking. This would allow the equipment provider to charge a premium while also providing its mining customers with the satisfaction of paying only for the time the rented equipment was actually in use.

Sierra Wireless AirLink Solution

IA developed a remote equipment monitoring solution powered by the Sierra Wireless AirLink® gateway. The solution is installed on each piece of field equipment to allow transfer of usage data back to a central location for accurate hourly – instead of daily – charges.

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