GÖRLITZ Integrates Sierra Wireless® Modules for a Flexible, High-Quality Metering Solution

GÖRLITZ is a leading manufacturer of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and energy information management systems for the retrieval and management of energy data used in billing systems and fault monitoring. The company has more than 800 customers across Europe, mainly from the industrial and energy sectors, where they deploy GÖRLITZ’s hardware and software to record, transmit, collect and bill meter data for energy delivery and consumption.

Business Challenge

GÖRLITZ Austria turned to Sierra Wireless to help meet its connectivity challenges. GÖRLITZ required an end-to-end solution to transmit data over a GPRS connection in order to communicate with electricity meters, based on highly reliable and robust industrial-grade hardware. Moreover, they wanted a platform that would enable application development to be as simple as possible.

Sierra Wireless Embedded Solution

The Sierra Wireless solution combined the Embedded Wireless Module, the Open AT® Application Framework and the Developer Studio. The module is a robust, industrial grade and programmable quad-band 2G GPRS module proven across multiple energy-sector deployments. The Open AT Application Framework, provides an M2M-specific operating system as well as a range of ready-to-use software libraries to streamline development time. The Sierra Wireless Developer Studio is an easy-to-use and comprehensive development tools that allows GÖRLITZ to get its products to market quickly, providing a major competitive advantage.

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