Comb Communications’ Smart Access Control Solutions

Based in South Africa, Comb Communications offers access and control solutions and security-related technology products for multi-tenant homes and commercial buildings. The company combines best-of-breed, existing technologies with their own groundbreaking research, development and infrastructure, leveraging a team of dedicated and experienced professionals to ensure success with every individual implementation.

Business Challenge

The global smart security market is expected to grow steadily through 2020. Comb Communications, while historically considered an intercom equipment manufacturer, has evolved its business to address the biggest pain point they’ve seen emerging in the access management and control industry: lots of products, but very few comprehensive integrated solutions.

In order to evolve its business from a traditional intercom equipment manufacturer to providing an integrated access management solution, Comb Communications needed to add cellular connectivity and more processing power for the anti-theft and positioning services.

Sierra Wireless IoT Solution

Comb Communications selected the Sierra Wireless WP Series embedded modules in CF3® form factor with integrated application processing, GNSS receiver, and cellular modem to provide an all-in-one integrated solution for their next-gen products. 

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