Smart Grid Solution Provider Connects High-Profile Deployments with AirPrime® Embedded Modules

Ambient is a leader in smart grid technologies and equipment. The Massachusetts-based company uses open standards-based technologies and ample industry experience to help utilities bring two-way communications and intelligence for modernizing the power grid.

Business Challenge

Energy suppliers worldwide are building smart grid infrastructures to optimize power distribution and create a more efficient grid. Ambient helps utilities achieve this vision by providing innovative communications solutions, such as the Ambient Smart Grid Communications Node. The smart grid node communicates with multiple “smart” meters, sensors and controllers and backhauls data to the utility’s central operations center. Ambient’s smart grid communications node allows utilities to connect to almost any type of meter or smart grid end-device using a variety of communications services, coupled with their backhaul connection to the public cellular networks.

To realize the benefits of cellular networks, utilities need wireless solutions that provide the high performance and reliability that critical infrastructure demands.

Sierra Wireless IoT Solution

Ambient and its large utility customers needed a cellular solution designed specifically for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. Working with major utilities such as Duke Energy on large-scale, high-profile smart grid deployments, Ambient also needed a solution that provided rock-solid reliability and the highest quality. The company turned to the worldwide leader in M2M wireless modules: Sierra Wireless.

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