AceWare™ Tools & Utilities

As part of our continuing effort to ensure Sierra Wireless products are optimized to meet the needs of our diverse customer base, we have released new versions of the AirLink™ tools and utilities. In addition to optimized re-branding, we have made several valuable advancements to the capabilities of our AceWare suite.

Highlights include:

Re-branding of the entire line of AirLink™ tools and utilities to AceWare™

Re-naming of Wireless Ace to AceManager™

Incorporation of the Sierra Wireless look and feel

Support for Raven XT modems

Enhanced support for USB/Net to allow an additional connection method for modems with a USB port

Additional functionality for Wizard and AceManager installers, which now copy USB drivers directly to your program files

New PRL files for all carriers

Increased amount of modems allowed under AceNet™ management

As always, the AceWare line of tools and utilities is tightly integrated with ALEOS™ to enable our customers to perform monitoring, configuration, diagnostics and troubleshooting at anytime and from anywhere.
The AceWare suite consists of:
Setup Wizard - Provisioning and configuration tool
AceManager - Comprehensive remote device management and configuration tool

AceView™ - On-screen dashboard for connection status

AceNet - One-to-many device management

Modem Doctor – Troubleshooting, logging and diagnostics tool

Stay tuned for much more to come in 2008, as we continue to improve the entire AceWare suite to optimize the customer experience.

The re-branded and enhanced AceWare software tools are now available on our support page.









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