Upgrade to LTE Today and Save*

Upgrade your 2G and 3G devices
today and receive $50-$75 off
qualifying replacement products! 

*North America end customers only

Many network operators have plans to decommission 2G and 3G networks and will be moving customers to LTE products which offer longer service lives.   

Here’s an excellent opportunity to move to LTE and save money at the same time! For a limited time, Sierra Wireless is offering customers an incentive to upgrade to new LTE technology.  For qualifying 2G/3G devices, with the purchase of new qualifying LTE routers/gateways, customers will receive from $50-$75 US cash back per unit.

The following existing 2G and 3G products are eligible for this upgrade program:

  • GX400
  • Helix RT
  • LS300
  • MP5XX, MP75X, MP77X, MP8XX
  • PinPoint X, PinPoint XT
  • Raven X, XE, XT

The cash back applies to purchases of these LTE routers:

  • RV50, RV50X
  • GX450
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