Smart IoT Connectivity

Sierra Wireless recognizes that if IoT solutions are to be reliable and cost-effective, they need devices and IoT connectivity that address those needs end to end. That’s why we offer multi-operator Smart SIMs, modules and routers that simplify access to MNO (mobile network operator) networks as well as Managed Connectivity Services that bundle the hardware and networking you need into one flexible monthly contract.

SIMS and Connectivity

IoT deployments are fundamentally different than roaming smartphones, so why continue to use SIMs and connectivity services that leave your service disconnected with expensive resolution costs?


Learn how the multi-operator Sierra Wireless Smart SIM and Connectivity Service can deliver a superior connectivity service for your IoT application. Learn more about Smart SIMs and Connectivity


Out-of-the-box connectivity to MNOs is just the start when you take advantage of Sierra Wireless SIMs with eUICC support. You’re assured of operator independence, no roaming restrictions, and the best subscription based on the final operating environment of the connected machine. If your IoT implementation needs global access, these embedded SIMs are your best technology choice.

Managed Connectivity Solutions

Managed Connectivity Solutions

Businesses requiring flexibility, fast deployment and reliable LTE connectivity choose our fully managed connectivity solution to keep their businesses and IoT devices online 24/7.

Managed Connectivity Solutions bundle hardware and multi-operator connectivity with end-to-end management into a single monthly service. Select from cost-effective basic services or mission-critical connectivity featuring 99% guaranteed uptime. Managed connectivity is perfect for urgent or temporary connectivity, connectivity in remote or hostile environments, or failover service to prevent business disruptions.

Ready to Connect

Ready to Connect

Simplify your IoT deployment, get up and running faster, and let us worry about the network! With Sierra Wireless Ready-to-Connect modules, routers and embedded SIMs, devices come pre-connected to global mobile networks and managed end-to-end from the AirVantage platform. This solution delivers accelerated time-to-market, built-in security, and fast deployment - all on a contract with options for CAPEX / OPEX friendly pricing.

Calculate Your IoT Connectivity ROI

Quantify the ROI of your IoT deployment and achieve two main objectives:

  • Save money on existing operations
  • Launch new revenue streams
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