Sierra Wireless - OMM400


Electronic Monitoring Device

The OM400 is a versatile, one-piece, GPS/cellular ankle-worn electronic monitoring bracelet with 2-way communication. The OM400 was designed to track—and communicate with— all types of offenders 24/7, indoors and outdoors. The OM400 signals offenders using vibrations and sound, and receives offender acknowledgment in return.

The OM400 can pair with Sierra Wireless’s optional OM400 RF Beacon to extend battery life and precisely verify in-home locations. OM400 uses the cloud-based software application, FocalPoint®, to map and track offender location.


  • Reduced false alerts compared to other systems
  • Tracks indoors and in GPS-impaired environments
  • Waterproof, submersible, dishwasher safe, temperature resistant
  • Cut-free strap installation prevents false strap tampers
  • One-piece design, tool-free installation
  • Minimal alerts, less management required
  • Cellular and satellite signals for always-on, high precision tracking

Technical Specifications

Location Technologies
Wireless Coverage
Sprint network, Verizon network, 9 roaming partners 
Small size—3.5”(l) x 2.4”(w) x 1.6”(d), Lightweight—8.4 oz. 
Safety Specifications
Hypoallergenic, SAR compliant, Safe rechargeable battery, No sharp edges, Emergency removal possible 
FCC compliant, Sprint certified, Verizon certified 
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