AirVantage Connectivity Management Features

Operator Independent SIM & Subscription Management

AirVantage allows you to manage the lifecycle of your SIMs and subscriptions and provides detailed visibility into the usage of each SIM or pool of SIMs. Available for both the Sierra Wireless Smart SIM and many 3rd Party MNO SIMs.

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Lifecycle Management

Completely manage the lifecycle from test to activation through maintenance and retirement of all your SIM subscriptions. Integrated this into your business processes with API access to the lifecycle management features.

Monitor Consumption

Monitor the consumption across your entire pool of SIMs, identify SIMs which are over plan or drill down and see daily consumption and session details by SIM.

Automate usage alerts

Using the same AirVantage alerts available for device management, let AirVantage tell you when pools of SIMs or individual SIMs are approaching limits or exceed them.

3rd party operator SIM Management

AirVantage is integrated with a number of the major global mobile network operators. This allows you to manage your Sierra Wireless SIMs beside your legacy SIMs through a single interface. 

Depending on the operator you can activate the wireless service rate plan, suspend service or change rate plans when unexpected usage occurs.
Integrated mobile network operator partners include: Jasper, Vodafone, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Orange, Telenor, Telus, Rogers, KPN. 

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