AirVantage Application Enablement Features

Build and scale your IoT application quickly

AirVantage offers a comprehensive set of web service APIs and tools for acquiring data from a massive series of connected devices.

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Web Service API

AirVantage provides HTTP-based RESTful APIs for integrating IoT data into your application or service. The API provides bi-directional access allowing you to retrieve data from and send control instructions to your machines.

The API is designed for you to build your IoT applications directly against AirVantage as well as integrate data into your enterprise software systems such as CRM, Billing and ERP.

See the API Documentation

Big Data Storage & Analytics

AirVantage stores all raw time-series data it acquires so you always have access to 100% of your IoT data.

Beyond raw data storage, AirVantage generates aggregated data sets for you based on the raw data. These aggregated data sets provide access to summarized information across your fleet and over time. The Aggregated data APIs are excellent for driving trend visualization such as average speeds over time or limit visualizations such as maximum and minimum sensor values.

Alert rules engine & notifications

AirVantage provides a sophisticated rules engine that can easily be configured to generate custom alerts upon a variety of data conditions. Access to alerts can be via Email for operational alerts or by integrating the notification directly into your existing applications via a webhook.

Device Communication & Protocol Support

AirVantage communicates natively with the pre-integrated Sierra Wireless hardware and the related application frameworks including : Legato, OpenAT and ALEOS Application Framework. It allows AirVantage to retrieve the application data as well as the wireless gateway firmware parameters for populating your data visualization or analytics tools.

In general, AirVantage communicates with all devices that support the standard protocols: Lightweight M2M (LWM2M), MQTT and HTTP(S).

Supported Hardware


Cloud Connectors

We offer cloud connectors to make device data from our IoT platform easy to consume by other Cloud applications and enterprise systems.

Google Cloud Platform Connector

AirVantage is connected to Google’s Cloud Platform making your IoT data available to all of the services the Google Cloud platform provices. This allows customers to take advantage of all these services to quickly develop everything from simple websites to complex IoT applications.

Google Cloud Platform Connector

Amazon Web Service Kinesis Connector

AirVantage is connected to AWS Kinesis making your IoT data directly available in the customer infrastructure on AWS.

Open Cloud Connector

Not using one of our pre-built cloud connector partners? Use our open standards based AMQP connector to share your IoT data with any of your cloud-based or on-premise systems.

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Getting Started

The best way to get started is to engage with our IoT experts. They can provide demos and answer questions you have about which platform services would be best for your needs.

Our How to buy section has a variety of options for engaging with our experts from demos to trial SIMs.

How to buy

If you are a developer you can get started right away with a platform trial account and access to our community.

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