AirVantage® IoT Platform: How to Buy

The AirVantage IoT Platform is a set of services that can be purchased as individual services or as a bundle of integrated services. Tell us what you are working on and we can help guide your next steps.

Interested in SIMs and Connectivity?

If you already have a solution deployed or are investigating how you will manage your connectivity, our connectivity experts can show you how we can help.

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Send me test SIMs

If you are prototyping or would simply like to evaluate our connectivity service we have test SIMs available. Test SIMs can be supplied on a pay-per-use basis, just tell us a bit about what you need and we will send you SIMs and a data plan quote.

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Help me manage Sierra Wireless Hardware

We provide the complimentary AirVantage FOTA edition for updating module firmware and the fully feature AirLink Management Service for managing AirLink hardware. If you would like to learn about expanding your management of Sierra hardware we can have an expert help you.

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I’m building a new IoT product or service

If you would like to evaluate all our platform has to offer, we can provide demos, free evaluation account, and professional services to help you decide if AirVantage is for you.

Tell us a bit about your new project, and our experts will guide you to the right path.

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