Public Safety Solutions

Enhanced connectivity increases safety, accelerates collaboration and ensures accountability.

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Increase Safety

Gain real-time situational awareness and always-on, real-time communications with fellow first responders and dispatch.

Accelerate Collaboration

Simplify and speed collaboration between other officers, other first responder organizations and command center personnel.

Ensure Accountability

Communicate and archive situational insights in real-time using video, audio, data and vehicle telemetry.

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Law Enforcement

Connected law enforcement officers can respond faster and be better prepared for a call. They can access background data and video surveillance while en route to the scene and fully document events while at the scene.

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Firefighters can be better prepared by having building access details, hazardous material data, hydrant locations and similar information at their fingertips.

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With high-bandwidth connectivity, EMS personnel can securely access electronic patient care records (EPCR) to understand a patient's medical history.

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Utility Mobile

During public safety emergencies, utility workers help ensure that officers, firefighters, medics and citizens are safe from downed live powerlines. Increased connectivity helps them improve time-to-response and power restoration efforts.

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Priority and Preemption with FirstNet

FirstNet is a nationwide network created for public safety that runs on Band 14. FirstNet provides a dedicated connection with priority and preemption for first responders over a secure, reliable network. AIrLink MG90, MP70 and RV55 routers support FirstNet.

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What is a Vehicle Area Network?

A Vehicle Area Network securely connects both wired and wireless devices with an agency command center or station via cellular, satellite and Wi-Fi technology. The VAN’s Wi-Fi capabilities lets officers stay connected, even when they move outside of their vehicle.

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Connected Mobile Solutions Transforming Public Safety Agencies

Sierra Wireless and Motorola are working together to create connected mobile solutions for Public Safety Agencies

AirLink® Routers for Public Safety

Unlike desktop routers built for office use, public safety in-vehicle routers are purpose-built and military/industry-certified to survive in extreme environments. Our in-vehicle routers are built to handle wide temperature extremes, high vibration, high moisture and power fluctuations and surges that are common when running from vehicle power. These routers deliver VPN security and connect over multiple carriers.

AirLink® XR90

The supercharged AirLink XR90 is purpose-built for vehicle applications such as Transit and Public Safety. With dual-5G cellular radios and dual independent 4x4 Wi-Fi 6 radio, it is the highest performing, most flexible router in the Sierra portfolio.

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AirLink® MG90/MG90 5G

The AirLink® MG90 and MG90 5G are high-performance vehicle routers that offer extensible multi-network connectivity, for the world’s most demanding mission critical applications. The MG90 LTE-A Pro variant supports FirstNet™ and Band 14.

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AirLink® MP70

The AirLink® MP70 is a high performance, LTE-Advanced Pro, vehicle router developed specifically for mobile mission critical applications in public safety, transit and field services.

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AirLink® RV55

The AirLink® RV55 is the industry’s most rugged, compact, LTE-A Pro router. Simple to install, and easy to manage, the RV55 cellular router is designed for connecting critical remote assets & infrastructure, and vehicles.

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AirLink Device Management

Sierra Wireless device management makes managing thousands of routers as easy as managing one.

Solutions Applicable Routers Description
AirLink Mobility Manager (AMM) AirLink MG90, MP70 and RV55

Enables simplified, remote and real-time configuration, control and troubleshooting of all AirLink routers.

Available as a cloud-based and on-premise solution.

AirLink Management Service (ALMS) AirLink XR90, MP70 and RV55

Secure cloud-based device management solution that supports over-the-air registration, configuration and software updates. ALMS is included with AirLink Complete.

ALMS Advanced Reporting and Analytics (ARA) AirLink XR90, MP70 and RV55

Provides advanced historical reporting and extended telemetry capabilities through a series of pre-defined reports.


Protecting devices, video feeds and enterprises is more important than ever. All AirLink routers include VPN, device authentication, port-level segmentation, firewalling (including DMZ) and MAC address filtering.

Advanced security is provided through the Sierra Wireless AirLink Connection Manager (ACM). ACM delivers a complete end-to-end solution and is available as a physical (rack server) or virtual appliance.

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AirLink Professional Services

Integrating a full fleet of connected vehicles into a public safety agency with full security can be a daunting task, especially without the right expertise on hand. Sierra Wireless AirLink Professional Services uses a proven, structured approach to deliver a faster time to success, minimizing system installation and downtime and getting projects completed on time and on scope.

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