Enterprise Routers & Networking

Distributed enterprises are, by their very nature, made up of hundreds or thousands of “branches”.  Whether that branch is a small office, a restaurant, a retail store, a kiosk or a temporary location, connectivity to the overall enterprise network is critical.  Downtime costs for a typical retail outlet, even with 99.5% landline availability, can be in excess of $1M per year.  Whether you’re looking for primary or failover capability, Sierra Wireless has a solution which is quick to deploy and simple to manage.

AirLink ES450 & ALMS

AirLink ES450 & Advanced Network Management

The AirLink® ES450 is a reliable, secure LTE gateway designed to connect the distributed enterprise. With state-of-the-art global LTE coverage from the proven leader in LTE technology, the ES450 provides broadband connectivity for POS devices and other business critical equipment to ensure you can continue to serve customers. Together with AirLink Management Tools, you have a one-stop solution to provision devices, monitor cellular data usage, and remotely maintain software versions and configurations. ALMS is free to use for any deployment with 15 devices or less.

AirLink ES450 AirLink Management Tools
AirLink Services

AirLink® Professional Services

Sierra Wireless’ Professional Services team provides full product life-cycle services to deliver the most comprehensive and high-performance networking solutions to all of our valued partners and customers.

We are pleased to offer a full suite of Professional Services, including: Implementation; Proof of Concept; Solution Optimization; Staff Augmentation; System Audit; Training Services. 

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AirLink® Support

AirLink routers and gateways come with the industry’s best out-of-the-box coverage.

For organizations with complex or large network deployments that require additional servicing over the life of their devices, Sierra Wireless is pleased to offer two optional and comprehensive support packages — AirLink® Support Classic and AirLink® Support Preferred.

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