The 5500 for non-security applications is a new use of Uplink’s wireless monitoring technology for industrial monitoring and control of machines, systems, lights, generators and more. The number of use cases is almost limitless and provides our remote monitoring partners with another source of revenue - perfect for those looking to vastly increase their number of deployments to supplement their traditional monitoring business.

Now compatible with both AT&T and Verizon networks.

Use Cases

Sewer Lift Stations

Commonly Reported Events

  • Overflow
  • AC phase failure
  • Total power failure
  • Injured worker reporting

Sports and Safety Lighting

Commonly Reported Events

  • FAA compliance - lights on towers
  • Sports lighting - tennis courts, fields, parks
  • Safety lighting - emergency exit lights


Commonly Reported Events

  • Temp hi low
  • Feed empty
  • Irrigation pump flow
  • Fish pond aeration
  • Water level in field

Mechanical Chillers and Freezers

Commonly Reported Events

  • Cooling and humidity
  • System overload
  • System failure
  • Over speed

Generator Power

Commonly Reported Events

  • A/C power failure
  • Phase failure
  • Generator running
  • Generator low oil

Industrial Systems Control

Commonly Reported Events

  • On/Off functionality
  • Emergency shutdown
  • Warning siren/lights
  • Open/close gates doors
  • Reset equipment

  • Remotely monitor critical systems using less man-power
  • Reduce your operating expenses and minimize truck rolls
  • Increase monthly recurring and gross annual revenue
  • Avoid costly fines from spills, environment hazards, and failures
  •  Monitor all types of systems, system controls, and events
  • Get text or email alerts that a system has failed
Solution Components

Our Remote Monitoring solutions are market-ready, turnkey and managed by Sierra Wireless for rapid installation, deployment and ROI. All solution components are seamlessly integrated, with no need for applications development because the software is user-configurable to meet each enterprise’s operational needs.


Sierra Wireless has a proven track record when it comes to implementing M2M solutions. With a network platform that delivers a comprehensive view of your deployment and strong relationships with leading wireless and satellite providers for worldwide coverage, you can be assured of robust, reliable connectivity for your remote monitoring deployment.


Sierra Wireless manufactures and supports our remote monitoring IoT devices. The devices are built with reliability, scalability, and flexibility in mind. Built for durability, devices can be deployed in the field to remote locations for long periods of time, monitoring your high-value systems for years.

Our Solution

Sierra Wireless managed solutions are fully-integrated from device to cloud to deliver accurate, timely remote monitoring of industrial assets. The specialized devices work seamlessly with applications, and all applications offer web-based interfaces that allow users to access information from PCs, tablets, or smartphones. Sierra Wireless’ remote monitoring solutions include hardware, network, and software applications for remote asset management for industrial use cases.

Managed solutions for remote monitoring include:

Agriculture Systems Monitoring

Monitoring temperature, food and water systems, water levels, and irrigation are critical in agriculture and food processing industries. Using a remote monitoring system can provide a cost-effective way of making sure these important functions are operating properly.

Water/Waste Water

Sewer lift stations and pumping systems should be monitored continuously to avoid sewage backups, spillage, and overflow. Heavy government induced fines can often be avoided through remote monitoring of controls that monitor water levels and spillage.

Industrial Lighting

Lighting systems for airport runways, cell towers, and safety lighting often have FAA compliance regulations that require these systems to be ‘always on’. Knowing where and if these systems are not working and getting them fixed quickly helps avoid costly fines.


Our IoT devices are designed to address the specific needs of any remote monitoring vertical application.

5500 LTE Universal Cellular Communicator

The Uplink 5500 includes the latest LTE technology for the best performance and longest life cycle. Compatible with 3G and LTE cellular networks, the 5500 also operates on redundant networks for maximum reliability. The 5500 is designed as a summary event communicator. Installation of the Uplink 5500 is remarkably easy with the use of a secure website and unit switch settings. Activation is instant and is available using the dealer website or by a live operator.


  • Primary or redundant alarm communications
  • Programmable monthly, weekly, or daily status and signal tests
  • Power from the panel or separate 12V DC power supply (not included)
  • Two web configurable outputs
  • Web and smartphone apps for remote access
  • Installs in minutes with reliable end-to-end signal verification

Sierra Wireless - 5500
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