AirVantage Device Management Features

Monitor and manage global IoT solutions

The AirVantage web-based operations console provides an intuitive and customizable user interface to configure, monitor and manage your deployed edge devices without any IT development required. Use it out of the box or use our RESTful API to integrate IoT operations capabilities into your existing network operations tools.

Device Monitoring & Management

AirVantage communicates natively with Sierra Wireless’ pre-integrated hardware. It allows users to access the actual cellular connectivity status and the gateway’s firmware data. Both useful information for businesses where continuous connectivity is critical.

Command and Control

AirVantage facilitates bi-directional communication over-the-air with the connected hardware. This allows you to send control instructions and actively interact with your machines. The capability to remotely diagnose and operate devices in the field, allows you to provide a much more responsive service and reduce on site visits.

OTA Firmware Update

Upgrade Sierra Wireless module and gateway firmware over-the-air (OTA) ensuring you stay up to date with firmware feature and security patches. This can be done for individual devices or in batch campaigns with complete status reporting.

Deployment Configuration

Configuration templates and advanced reporting features are available for batch deployment and configuration of newly deployed devices.

Edge Application Lifecycle Management

AirVantage is integrated with Sierra Wireless’ Legato, OpenAT and ALEOS Application Framework. It allows users to update, activate and suspend the edge application over-the-air directly from the operations console or with the APIs.

Web Service API

AirVantage provides HTTP-based RESTful APIs for integrating the device management services into your IT systems, and streamline your operations

See the API Documentation

Cloud Connectors

We offer cloud connectors to make device data from AirVantage easy to be consumed by other Cloud applications and enterprise systems.

Amazon Web Service Kinesis Connector

AirVantage is powered by AWS. Its connection to AWS Kinesis makes your IoT data directly available to your applications hosted on AWS.

How to use the AWS Kinesis Stream connector How to use the AWS Kinesis Firehose connector

Google Cloud Platform Connector

Use this connector to make your IoT data directly available to your applications hosted on the Google Cloud.

Discover the Google Pub/Sub connector

Microsoft Azure Connector

Use this connector to make your IoT data directly available to your applications hosted on Microsoft Azure.

How to connect your IoT data to Azure EventHub

Looking for other means to connect the IoT data?

Check out how to use the standards-based connectors, including: MQTT, AMQP, HTTP Callback, to connect IoT data to your applications.

Review all AirVantage Cloud Connectors
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