Accelerating Innovation With IoT Open Source Platforms

To reach the IoT vision of everything connected, interoperability between technologies is necessary to explore new ideas, rapidly build prototypes, and get to market quickly. Sierra Wireless is invested in several open source initiatives to provide IoT developers access to existing hardware and software components so they don’t have to build everything from scratch.
Open Source Software

Legato® Open Source Linux Platform

Legato simplifies application-level development with a secure application framework, maintained Linux distribution, and feature-rich development environment. Released in open source, Legato future-proofs software investments by offering the flexibility to port the entire stack and applications over to any application processor. With security and connectivity built in, the robust APIs let you connect to any cloud or network enabling IoT developers to focus on building the value-add applications that improve the user-experience.

For Sierra Wireless customers, you can start developing immediately with Legato pre-integrated, tested, and validated inside the application processors of AirPrime WP Series and AR Series.

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Application Framework :
Designed with security and connectivity

  • Application Sandbox - secure environment to run and control multiple applications
  • Robust Connectivity APIs - access cloud and network services such as voice calls, SMS, data, radio controls
  • Customizable middleware components - select building blocks such as configuration, DB, resource arbitration, secure IPC
  • Multi-language support – utilize embedded applications in different programming languages
  • C-based runtime library – fast, efficient system designed to maximize processing power and user application space

Linux Distribution :
Customizable with built-in IoT Features

  • Free open source packages - validated by the Linux Foundation that include BusyBox, OpenSSL, DHCP, PPP, and OpenSSH
  • Long-term supported Linux kernel (LTSI) - hosted by the Linux Foundation and maintained by the embedded systems industry
  • Board support package (BSP) - enables hardware interfaces and power management, validated on AirPrime WP and AR Series modules

Development Environment :
Simplifies application-level development

  • Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) - extensible and familiar toolset with built-in API awareness
  • Command Line - automate builds and integrate into any tool chain
  • Robust diagnostic tools - local and remote debugging, troubleshooting, monitoring, and profiling
  • Yocto build tools - rebuild and tailor the Linux distribution for any project
  • Multi-language support - code using your favorite programming language
Open Hardware

Project mangOH™ Open Hardware

Project MangOH™ is an open hardware ecosystem providing reference designs purpose-built for cellular to bring interoperability between various sensor, wireless, and wired technology providers. Project mangOH was launched by Sierra Wireless in June 2015.

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mangOH™ Green Reference Design

mangOH™ Green is the first reference design from Project mangOH to enable rapid prototyping and faster time-to-market of new IoT applications. Designed specifically for cellular-enabled IoT applications, mangOH Green provides a sensor-to-cloud platform for building industrial-grade products with vetted components, open source software, and a business-friendly open license to modify and reproduce the design.

IoT Connectors

At the heart of Project mangOH are IoT Connectors designed to bring technology interoperability by making it easy to add new combinations of wired, wireless, and sensor technologies. They can be used both in prototyping and in final production with an industrial-grade pluggable form-factor that uses on-board EEPROM to identify itself to the host platform. The interface used is an open standard based on QDFP+ specification that uses a common footprint and pin out.

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