Sagemcom GPRM1/HPRM1 Mobile Radio Modules

Designed for GSM-R cab radios to deliver mission-critical railway communications.

8W GPRS/EDGE Mobile Radio Modules (MRM) feature built-in radio blocking to filter out unwanted emissions from commercial cellular networks and a wide selection of interfaces. Fully-certified through Inter-Operability Tests (IOT) on GSM-R networks worldwide, their rugged design performs reliably in challenging mobile conditions and severe temperatures. The GPRM1/HPRM1 MRMs mount in standard 19”/482.6mm racks to reduce space and the need for additional cooling systems.

Download GPRM1/HPRM1 Datasheet
GPRM1/HPRM1 Overview


  • GPRS Class 10/EDGE air interface
  • Built-in radio blocking (HPRM1)
  • Highly reliable performance to support mission-critical operations
  • A selection of interfaces for easy integration via: Ethernet, RS-232, RS-422 (GPRM1) or Ethernet, RS232, USB, SD (HPRM1)
  • SIM card slot or SIM+ option expands functionality
  • Easy trace information retrieval
  • Extended temperature range


  • Reduce development complexity with multiple interfaces and built-in radio-blocking (HPRM1)
  • Reduce the need for additional space and cooling with extended temperature range tolerance
  • Ensure quality of service and effective diagnostics with trace information


Technical documentation for this product is available on demand only. Please contact your Sierra Wireless sales representative or technical support interface.

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