Octave™ lets you securely extract, orchestrate, and act on data from your assets at the edge to the cloud


Simplify Data Extraction

Edge Resources

There are thousands of different types of assets, and this diversity can drive complexity. Octave provides a standard framework for extracting asset data from sensors, automation protocols, and microprocessors —all running on the device but securely accessible and configurable from the cloud.

Ready to Connect Cellular Devices

Your Octave edge devices ship with a pre-provisioned SIM ready to connect to the cellular network as soon as they power on. Our powerful edge software lets you start prototyping on pre-certified open hardware, and swing into volume production without changing your edge architecture.

Global Cellular LPWAN Coverage

With Octave’s global footprint, you can deploy highly efficient low power wide area (LPWA) edge devices and connect them practically anywhere​ in the world with deep extended coverage for urban and rural environments.

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Easily Orchestrate your Data Model


The observation engine in Octave acts as a flexible, fully configurable mail room for managing and prioritizing asset data. It provides the intelligence to buffer, filter, correlate, store and forward readings from edge devices so that you have exactly the data you need, exactly when you need it.

Event Streams

Once asset data has been correlated or forwarded, Octave assembles it into event streams - the organizing unit for managing data in the cloud. Octave gives you total control by allowing you to dynamically publish, subscribe, and control access to the event streams you need for every use case.

Device Blueprints

Device blueprints function like configuration templates, allowing you to easily replicate properties and behaviors from one edge device to many at once. Octave simplifies how you capture full history logs, revert back to previous blueprints, and clone device attributes at a massive scale.

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Take Action on your Data

Action Runner

With Actions you can implement and continually update logic for your IoT application—combining data from edge, cloud and third-party sources in myriad ways. Octave enables you to define data processing rules both in the cloud and at the resource-constrained edge—all using a familiar JavaScript framework.

Management Console

Octave includes a single pane of glass to monitor, control, update and maintain your connected edge devices and assets — including the lifecycle of the devices themselves, as well as their SIM connectivity.

Cloud Integration

Octave makes it fast and easy to package, enrich and connect your IoT data to systems of record deployed in practically any cloud service or application, including AWS and Azure.

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Built-in Security

Data Vault

Octave makes securely transmitting your asset data as easy as depositing money in your bank account. The platform automatically establishes a trusted relationship between edge devices and the cloud, using proven security measures to ensure that data is not lost or altered.

Adaptive Security

Octave treats security as a dynamic component that is managed, maintained and updated on an ongoing basis. We continuously upgrade edge firmware, rotate security keys, and constantly monitor the network for threats as an integrated part of your asset monitoring solution.

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