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As Sierra Wireless announced on March 23 and updated on March 26th, 2021, it was the subject of a ransomware attack on its internal IT systems and corporate website. We believe the attack has been addressed, have resumed production and are currently working to bring Sierra Wireless’ internal IT systems back online, including our website.

We believe the impact of the attack was limited to Sierra Wireless’ internal IT systems and corporate website, as we maintain a clear separation between our internal IT systems and customer facing products and services. We believe that our products and connectivity services were not impacted, and that our customers’ products and systems were not breached during the attack.

At this point in our investigation of the ransomware attack, we do not expect there to be any product security patches, or firmware or software updates required as a result of the attack.

Read the full press releases here: Sierra Wireless Announces Ransomware Attack; Sierra Wireless Recovering from Ransomware Attack; Announces Resumption of Production.

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