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for embedded wireless communications



Next generation AirPrime® embedded modules are equipped with a powerful multicore processor, secure cloud services, and open application framework to offer an entire M2M ecosystem on a module.

Simple, Scalable, Secure

Faster, easier integration is made possible thanks to dedicated application processing, an advanced open application framework, development tools, and built-in connectivity to secure cloud services. Seamless integration with the AirVantage™ M2M Cloud reduces deployment costs and makes operations both scalable and manageable, while module footprint and software compatibility allows easy scalability from 2G to 4G.

Powerful multicore processor

Achieving the highest level of integration available on the market, next generation AirPrime modules simplify system design and lower total system costs to help embedded software developers get products to market faster.

The world’s first dedicated M2M system-on-a-chip

The 2G versions of next generation AirPrime modules are powered by the world’s first dedicated M2M system-on-a-chip. Developed in collaboration with ARM, this advanced tri-core architecture includes a 2G EDGE modem, a dedicated high-speed ARM application processor and a unique implementation of the ARM Cortex-M0 processor to enable ultra-low power operation.

3G/4G chipset from Qualcomm

Built on a Qualcomm Gobi™ 9x15 chipset, the 3G/4G LTE next generation of modules can host the most robust customer M2M applications. Powerful application cores, high speed and industrial interfaces, and GNSS (GPS/GLONASS) deliver time-to-market advantage to design feature-rich next generation M2M solutions.

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AirPrime® WP Series for industrial applications

AirPrime WP embedded modules deliver processing and connectivity in a single device, optimized for industrial M2M applications. Their advanced integrated architecture supports a comprehensive set of industrial interfaces and is designed for difficult operating environments.

  • For 2G: Reduce the complexity of 2G M2M deployments all while extending battery life. AirPrime WP6 embedded modules offer dedicated, power-efficient and high-processing cores to lower product and development costs. 
  • For 3G/4G: Choose a powerful combination of functionality, processing capability, and high-speed connectivity to design feature-rich next generation M2M gateways. These modules offer a cost-optimized solution to host the most robust M2M applications. 

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  •  Optimize performance and total system costs with powerful multicore processor
  •  Simplify M2M solution deployment and operations with open application framework, development tools and pre-integrated secure cloud services
  •  Easily scale to millions of devices, from 2G to 4G


  •  Support for a comprehensive set of industrial interfaces
  •  Tolerance for difficult operating environments
  •  Easy design and automated manufacturing with STAR LGA form factor

AirPrimeĀ® AR Series for automotive applications

AirPrime AR embedded modules offer powerful, robust and reliable in-vehicle connectivity that reduce time-to-market, product, and development costs. They are designed and tested to real-world automotive scenarios:

  • For 2G: AirPrime AR6 2G modules offer the most cost-optimized solution for eCall applications. Product features include powerful dedicated application processing, CAN interfaces and GNSS for precise location information.
  • For 3G/4G: Reduce costs and development time for high-bandwidth in-vehicle telematics solutions thanks to AirPrime AR7 modules that feature high-speed processing for applications and a large set of dedicated interfaces.

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  •  Reduced design effort for global projects thanks to advanced application framework and secure cloud services
  •  Automotive-grade manufacturing and quality processes
  •  GNSS (GPS/GLONASS) for precise location information
  •  High quality, reliable performance over the life of the vehicle

Designed for automotive

  •  Automotive-grade manufacturing (TS-16949 certified)
  •  Automotive quality processes (PPAP, 8D, FA) & low target ppm rates
  •  Tolerance to extreme operating environments including thermal shock cycles