Device-to-Cloud Architecture:
IoT modules and gateways, platform & SIMs

The real value of IoT is found in the data that connected products can generate. Mobile networks are vital for acquiring product usage information that OEMs can use to offer new services to their customers or remotely troubleshoot and update their products in the field. 

That’s why Sierra Wireless is building the internet of things with hardware, software, and services that work together to securely deliver valuable data you can use to launch your services faster and drive innovation in your industry. Securely build, connect, and maintain your next-gen services with integrated solutions from the device to the cloud.

Secure Device-to-Cloud Architecture

  • Pre-certified firmware providing the latest security, enabling IoT peripherals, and adding features like network switching
  • Open-source Linux platform
  • with application framework and maintained distribution
Cloud and Connectivity
Cloud and Connectivity Services