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Helping the Communities That We Call Home: Sierra Wireless’s 2018 United Way Fundraising Campaign

Since 1997, Sierra Wireless has been supporting the United Way of the Lower Mainland’s efforts to make British Columbia’s Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley healthier, more caring and more inclusive. From our headquarters in Richmond, we see how the United Way’s support for after school activities, community kitchens, active aging services and other programs serve the needs of our community every day. These programs have helped raise the percentage of local kids enrolled in after-school activities from 50 percent ten years ago to 85 percent today. The programs also serve 1.4 million healthy meals and snacks to more than 74,000 local families and increase physical activity, socialization and knowledge of community resources for approximately 58,000 seniors. United Way’s commitment to improving local lives is why we’re proud to mark our twenty-second fundraising campaign for the United Way this year.

As we’ve learned over the years, there is no reason why a fundraising campaign can’t be fun, and again this year our employees joined together to not just raise money for the United Way, but have good time doing it. This year’s campaign kicked off with a pancake breakfast, served by Sierra Wireless senior executives – proving that our executive leadership doesn’t just have a compelling vision for the future of the IoT, but some serious spatula skills as well.

At the breakfast, employees began signing up to donate money to this year’s campaign, knowing that their commitment would be matched by Sierra Wireless. Those donating at least $25 received bingo cards for a lunchtime bingo game on Friday with prizes that included gift cards and, for the big winner, a high-end espresso machine. In addition, employees who donated a full day’s pay received an extra day of personal time off to recognize their generosity.

The campaign’s silent auction was also unveiled at the breakfast, with employees bidding on new or gently used items donated by individual employees and departments. This year’s donations were particularly creative, especially the gift baskets which centered around themes such as childhood games (Uno, jump rope), luck (lottery tickets) and relaxation (chocolate, candles, face masks). One very popular type of gift basket featured bottles of wine, with many of our senior executives dipping into their personal wine cellars for some fine vintages – one executive even put together a basket with wine from his own vineyard.

The campaign continued through the week, with employees donating to participate in a Super Smash Bros video game competition on Wednesday. After a fierce battle, the winner was awarded a free night at a hotel in downtown Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary or Toronto. In addition, there was a 50/50 raffle, in which employees purchased raffle tickets with the proceeds from the ticket sales split between the United Way and raffle’s winner.

By bringing together employees from all of our departments – engineering and accounting, sales and human resources – this year’s campaign helped our community reaffirm our shared values. Since 1997, our employees have helped raise over $1.2 million for the United Way of the Lower Mainland, including $140,000 from this year’s campaign. We’re proud that our employees’ commitment to our values and community will help the United Way continue to serve the needs of our local community and ignite the desire in the people who live here to improve this place we call home.