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Sierra Wireless at ETSI oneM2M Showcase Event

by Nicolas Damour, Director, Technology Partnership Development

The fifth annual ETSI M2M Workshop took place at the ETSI Headquarters in Sophia-Antipolis (France) from December 9th-11th. Every year, this event brings experts of the M2M industry from Europe and beyond to discuss the latest trends in M2M-related technology and standardization. 

This year’s event reunited 230 attendees from 180 companies and 30 countries of all five continents. This special event was labelled both as the “regular” annual ETSI M2M workshop, as well as a oneM2M showcase event, the first to describe and demonstrate solutions based on the M2M standardization work accomplished in the oneM2M partnership project, of which ETSI is a founding partner.

The oneM2M partnership project reunites the efforts of seven leading regional ICT standards organizations, five global industry fora and over 200 member companies to develop technical specifications that describe a common horizontal M2M Service Layer that can be used by M2M solutions in all industries: automotive and transportation, industrial internet, connected home, energy and smart grids, security, payment, healthcare, etc.

These efforts are culminating in the first release of the oneM2M specifications that was published as “candidate” and opened for external comments in August 2014, to be finalized and issued in January 2015. So this event was not only the occasion to understand the capabilities of the oneM2M common service layer and the issues addressed by it, but also to look at a series of demonstrations are showcasing the oneM2M-based solutions in action. Further, mobile operators SK Telecom and LGU+ announced the launch of oneM2M-based commercial IoT platforms. More details on oneM2M are available in recorded webinars available on the oneM2M Brighttalk channel.

At the event also, a number of presentations addressed other M2M-related topics, such as deployment technologies (Sierra’s M2M Service Optimization, Low-Power and Long-Range alternative radios), building blocks of the IoT (data harvesting, “fog” computing, W3C’s Web of Things), applications in smart cities, IoT data semantics, and other evolutions in other standardization bodies (3GPP, Open Mobile Alliance LWM2M, GSM Association, IEEE P2413, Zigbee). These presentations are available, split between the oneM2M showcase website (for the oneM2M-related part) and the ETSI document website (for the generic part). Further coverage of the event has also been provided by industry analysts such as ABI Research.

Sierra Wireless was a key participant at the event, being present as an event organizer (Nicolas Damour is oneM2M’s current Work  Programme Management Group Chairman as well as Architecture Working Group Vice-Chairman) and as a speaking organization to explain the challenges of unmanaged cellular communications and the needs for communication management (download the presentation).

Also, Sierra did also exhibit a oneM2M-based demo on the topic of Home Energy Management featuring Legato and AirVantage, together with the European Smart Metering Industry Group (of which Sierra is a member) and 5 other partners: Vodafone, Qualcomm, Kamstrup (a smart meter manufacturer), the LAAS-CNRS and GridPocket. This demo showed how Legato and AirVantage could be made oneM2M-compliant, and how third-party devices (a Qualcomm Gobi device and the BeagleBone Black board of the LAAS-CNRS) could easily interact with the AirVantage platform to exchange energy data that could be easily retrieved by a third-party application developed by GridPocket, all in a seamless and 100% interoperable manner. More details on the demo can be found in the attached presentation (download the presentation)