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Frost & Sullivan Recognizes the Need for a Smart Connectivity IoT Solution

As the enterprise IoT opportunity becomes clearer, more companies are looking to develop connected strategies and deploy devices that will optimize operations, improve customer service and grow revenue. But developing an IoT solution isn’t easy. Companies looking to integrate the IoT into their business models need a clear vision and a trusted partner – going it alone can often lead to delays, higher costs and service disruption. 

Building an IoT solution is complex; numerous devices, modules and connectivity services need to be integrated with a management platform, and all these pieces must be secure and reliable. Working with multiple vendors to put together these components can be a big headache for companies looking to build and deploy an IoT solution. It’s unlikely that any one vendor will have all the skills needed to integrate the separate components. That’s why so many businesses choose to work with experienced IoT companies offering bundled solutions, like Sierra Wireless’ Smart Connectivity

Award-Winning Connectivity Solutions

Sierra Wireless was recently recognized with the 2018 Global IoT Solutions Customer Value Leadership Award by Frost & Sullivan Research, a market research and analysis firm, for our leadership in reducing the complexity of bringing IoT solutions to market and helping customers achieve their business outcomes and higher ROI. Sierra Wireless’ Smart Connectivity solution offers customers an integrated IoT connectivity solution, allowing them to work with a single provider for all their needs. The solution is currently in trials with customers across the world and is already showing great results. Initial feedback from customers has supported Frost & Sullivan’s recognition of Sierra Wireless as an industry leader.

“By taking away some of the pressure on handling complex IoT integration and deployment, Sierra Wireless enables its customers to focus on their core business – and to extract maximum value from the transformational impact of IoT.”
–Frost & Sullivan 

Simplifying IoT Development with an Integrated Solution

One of the key benefits of the Smart Connectivity solution is that it enables businesses to bring their IoT solution to market faster. By delivering all of the key elements needed for an IoT deployment – modules, smart connectivity services and an IoT platform for managing devicesSmart Connectivity makes development and deployment simple. Using integrated components provided by one supplier means that businesses can skip the months of research and testing needed to ensure that all elements of their deployment will work together. 

Research from Frost & Sullivan suggests that many IoT deployments can take over 18 months to move from concept to commercial launch. With the Sierra Wireless Smart Connectivity solution, companies can innovate in a third of the time. As Jerome Braga, CEO of the France-based IoT solution developer M.W.S.C., revealed recently at the Sierra Wireless Innovation Summit, it’s possible to move from concept to commercial launch in just six months. 

Sierra Wireless' Smart Connectivity integrated approach also adds an extra layer of security to IoT deployments by reducing the areas at risk of attack. By choosing a solution with an integrated module, worldwide SIM, connectivity service and cloud platform, businesses can rest assured that their solution is more secure from the start.

Solutions built using Smart Connectivity aren’t just designed for IoT deployments today, they’re future-proofed so that businesses can continue to innovate and grow into the future. Already optimized for Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks like LTE-M and NB-IoT, the solution is also ready for 5G networks, enabling customers to take advantage of the latest technologies.  

Plus, the Smart Connectivity solution uses Sierra Wireless' worldwide SIMs to offer global connectivity, which means that as businesses expand into new regions, they can rest assured that their devices will stay connected. 

On top of the ingestion of all data collected by these connected devices, the AirVantage® IoT Platform also manages the lifecycle of the communication devices and SIMs from Sierra Wireless and third-party vendors. The unified platform removes the use of multiple disparate platforms for managing the connected devices and streamlines the operations. AirVantage also provides customizable dashboard that lets customers choose what data they want to analyze; centralizes controls, letting businesses order new products through the platform and avoid time-consuming purchase orders. Customizable rules and alerts help monitor devices and network usage. 

Empowering Businesses in the Connected Economy

As technology progresses and customer expectations grow, the importance of digital transformation cannot be underestimated. By embracing the IoT, businesses can ensure that they’re providing the best customer service possible, growing revenue and improving operations. 

With Sierra Wireless’ Smart Connectivity solution, companies can work with a trusted partner in IoT, backed by 25 years of experience. Smart Connectivity offers an integrated approach to IoT solution development, with pricing structures designed to support both large and small businesses, as well as contracts for both CAPEX and OPEX business models.

To learn more about Smart Connectivity, read the case study, Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership Award 2018Start with Sierra today to develop your IoT solution and transform your business.